Netzwerk "HyBOM"

"Hybrid Joining and Surface Technology of Magnesium Components"   in Cooperation with  DFO e.V.

The aim of the Network is to support the development processes of Magnesium-hybrid Automotive Constructions.
Therefore Research Institutions, OEMs, Release Agent- and Adhesive Manufacturers, Semi Component Producer and
End Users of Magnesium work in close cooperation with each other.   This Network is unique , since all major skills for
targeting the complex problems linked to hybrid joining of Magnesium are available.
Companies along the the Value Chain have expressed interest:

This applies in particular in the areas:
Simulation ⇒ Design ⇒ Forming ⇒ Surface Treatment ⇒ Hybrid Joining ⇒ Component Testing ⇒ Series Applications

All related competencies are involved - from Material and Component Production , Surface Treatment Processes , End-users
to specialized and qualified Research Institutions.   A pool of scientific and economic skills is formed , capable of precisely
define and target solutions for pending problems related to Lightweight Design with Magnesium - finding solutions for the
development of new Technologies in order to to expand the use of Magnesium significantly.

You will find further Information on the official Homepage :