European Association for Magnesium e.V.    (EFM e.V.)

The EFM e.V. was founded in 1993 and unites different European companies which deal with the the values of Magnesium.
Among our members you will find primary producers and recyclers , die caster , machine- and furnace manufacturers ,
surface treatment companies, ...

EFM's goal is to support research and applied science using the lightweight metal Magnesium in cooperation with the Aalen
University of Applied Science as well as with other research institutions.

EFM's major target is to encourage the further use of Magnesium in new, innovative series applications through a promotion
of the scientific results found.

Therefore the EFM organises among others their annual Magnesium User- and Automotive Seminar - the Magnesium event
for lightweight experts and end users.

Why should you become an EFM member?     Because you will...

  • get a direct link to Magnesium experts
  • your company will be represented at seminars and presentations
  • get support during the development of new components
  • get support in the fields of casting simulation , surface treatment , recycling , ...
  • be able to participate at the annual EFM Magnesium seminar with reduced costs
  • have the chance to join the EFM booth during the "Euroguss" for free   (you have to pay for the catalogue registration only)